The Simple Physics Lesson

A simple physics test asks a group of students to consider their daily lives (“Person A is having a good, relaxing time with his friend. One of the young women in the group, Person B, is having an equally relaxing time with her friend, Person C.

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A young man decides to tell the story about an anxious dinner with a person whom he is trying to impress. He tells how a woman who is not a close friend of hers asked him how he could keep a secret so that he could get her back. His answer is something like, “If I told you it would make you stop being afraid, wouldn’t it?”

Person B starts thinking about the dinner and how a secret kept by a person can be used to get back someone she wants back. She immediately thinks about this situation and starts thinking about her friend and the dinner.

Person B goes to talk to Person C, who is also anxious about the dinner. This time, Person C asks her friend about her dinner and if she remembers her meeting with the guy she was having dinner with.

Person B has a great idea of how this secret could help her friend. She suggests that they both go to see if the guy she was having dinner with is the person who will take care of her friend’s dog.

Person C says yes and they both go. However, when they arrive at the location where the man’s car is parked, the other car pulls up in front of them.

The simple physics lesson is, of course, how these two cars are going to move and whether or not they will collide. Person A gets back to the restaurant and Person C and her friend have a wonderful dinner together. They end the evening feeling relaxed and excited for more in life.

Now, what happens if these two friends had never learned the simple physics lesson about keeping secrets? What would have happened if they had not told the man how they planned on using the secret to get back someone who was important to them?

So many things could have been different. It is likely that each would have ended up having an unhappy relationship with the other and perhaps even a divorce.

The simple physics lesson is important because it teaches us about relationships. It teaches us how to keep secrets. It also teaches us how to keep secrets in our relationships.

It is important to remember, too, that even the best secret is worthless unless it is kept. In this case, it is very likely that Person A will have an unhappy relationship with Person C. If they did not tell Person C their secret, and later on the man took care of her dog, Person C might never have met the guy that took care of her dog.

But Person C did tell the man about her problem, and he then got in contact with Person A and they got together. Then the man made sure that Person B’s dog was taken care of. Then the relationship went smoother because of this new relationship.

This is just an example of how important it is to be honest with others and also to be honest with ourselves. When you keep secrets, you may find yourself being happy and relaxed and content with your relationships.