The Truth About the Exam Impersonator

An exam impersonator is a fake medical professional who pretends to take an examination for a fictional exam. The exam impersonator could either be a certified physician, nurse or a dentist and has to appear like one of them for the fake exam to be valid. However, not all exam impersonators are real.

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Most people who have been fooled by this type of exam impersonator have come from different countries or different cultures. Some even call this a “diplomatic”diploma” examination. However, the person appearing cannot pass the examination if he does not have sufficient knowledge about it. There is no formal qualification to become a certified exam impersonator and the people who are performing are only practicing their craft by using medical terminology and terms from medical fields.

An exam impersonator is often seen as a tool of cheating but most of the time, the exam impersonator is not cheating. This type of exam impersonator is using his skill in the field of medical terms and terminologies to give him enough confidence to pass his examination. There are some who even try to fool their peers who are looking up for medical knowledge.

However, there are many people who are not aware of how the exam impersonator actually gains enough confidence for passing the exam in front of a medical practitioner. It is only after the exam has been passed by the exam impersonator that he realizes that he was able to pass in front of the doctor. In a way, the exam impersonator is using his knowledge and skills in his field to pass the examination. However, most people do not know how he is able to become confident enough to pass the examination even if he has been pretending to be someone else all the time.

Some people believe that the test impersonator is really a licensed medical practitioner. However, if you look closely at the medical exam question papers, you will realize that all the questions are made up from medical terms. Therefore, you can also conclude that the person who is taking the exam is just pretending to be someone else.

Another explanation that is being given by the people who have been fooled by the exam impersonator is that he is using his skills on medical terminology to give him confidence in answering the exam. Although there are some exam impersonators who have the ability to give good answers, most of the times, they give wrong and ambiguous answers. This is why the exam appears to be very difficult.

You should always remember that if you are ever asked by a fake exam impersonator for your medical details, never disclose any of your medical information including your name and date of birth. because this is what he is using to gain confidence so that he can pass the exam.

Do not get into the habit of looking for the reason behind the exam impersonator. All you should do is to avoid all chances of having your details revealed so that you will know the authenticity of the person pretending to be you. By just going through his medical history or credentials, you would know whether you are dealing with a true medical professional or a fake.

You will notice the lack of knowledge of the exam impersonator and his poor communication skills if he has never been in the practice of medicine or medical field before. There is a great possibility that he will use medical terms that will confuse you. If you do not understand what he is saying, you will have a hard time answering his questions.

You must also be wary when the exam impersonator asks you for medical terminology and terms to spell, translate, or explain things for him. As much as possible, do not allow him to do it in front of you since he might be able to fool you with his fluency.

Another reason why you should be cautious in dealing with an exam impersonator is that if he gives you bad advice, then he might be a fake medical practitioner as well. so you need to avoid dealing with an impersonator who is not a true medical professional.